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Path allocator

Our company is an independent capacity allocator within the meaning of Act No. 266/1994 Coll., on railways, as amended, i.e. it independently takes care of the performance of the main activities for the railway operator, who also operates rail transport on the railway, which does not serve exclusively to ensure the operation of the railway. The main activities are activities related to the negotiation and calculation of the price and collection of payment for the use of the railway, the allocation of railway capacity and, in the case of a national or regional railway, preparation of the network statement. Allocation of track capacity shall mean the action enabling the use of that part of the total track capacity which is required for the requested train path. Track capacity means the usable capacity of a railway to enable the required train paths to be scheduled on a particular section of the railway during a particular period.

As of 12 December 2021, we are allocating capacity on the regional railway operated by KŽC Doprava, s.r.o., Šenovka branch. On the so-called glass locomotive line from Česká Kamenice to Kamenický Šenov there is a regular operation of weekend historical trains in the summer season and trains on order.

As of 10 December 2023, we became an independent rail subsidiary on the nationwide railway operated by České dráhy, a. s., which includes the national railway Prague-Vršovice, part Prague-Eden – Prague South line and parts of the inner yards of the railway stations of Bohumín, Děčín and Praha Jih (Prague South).

For information on the conditions of access to the railways in question, please refer to the relevant Network Statement:

Network Statement on the regional railway operated by KŽC Doprava, s.r.o., Šenovka Branch

Network Statement on the national railway operated by České dráhy, a.s.