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Microsimulation of railway networks

Railway infrastructure is especially in nodes still often proposed on the basis of static capacity calculations. This often leads to construction of such station designs, that do not meet the needs of real working load of periodic timetable nodes. Our approach allows us to perform iterative adjustments of the proposed infrastructure model for the load expected by real operational concepts, to identify bottlenecks on the infrastructure design, to develop and verify solutions and alternatives before the (wrong) one is actually built.

For this purpose we use the software tool program OpenTrack to simulate railway networks.

Since 2003 we cooperate with the swiss company OpenTrack Railway Technology Ltd., which is a spin-off of IVT ETH Zurich. In 2013, we became the official distributors of the software OpenTrack in the Czech Republic.

We offer microsimulation of railway infrastructure capacity and microsimulations either as a turnkey solution using our know-how, also in wider context, or as a sale or lease of a license of the program including user support.

More information about OpenTrack software can be found on its product website. If you have further questions, we are looking forward to discussing where we can help you.